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Quite simply, the SupaLite Tiled Conservatory is the tried and tested roofing system to provide you with a certified, safe and energy efficient roof for your conservatory.

When you specify your new SupaLite roof you are set to benefit from a highly energy efficient roofing system that has been specifically designed and tested to create you a dream living space.

When SupaLite roofs are installed, many customers remodel their conservatories internally to give the feel of a true lounge. This can be achieved by plastering internal walls and adding decoration and furnishings more akin to lounge furniture rather than cane furniture more traditionally used in conservatories. This can be done with peace of mind knowing that you will not be sitting on cold leather or damp cold fabric furnishings anymore.

With the SupaLite roofing systems unique design features, all configurations of roofs can be achieved. You will be delighted at just how much the roof insulates your conservatory. Gone will be months of extreme cold and heat variations.

With a choice of internal finishing methods, you can choose to specify a vaulted ceiling or a lowered 2400mm flat ceiling with integral lighting. We also install if specified a 350mm lighting pelmet around the internal ring beam which can additionally incorporate dimmable down lighting or even surround sound speakers for your audio system to connect to.

The transformation you will benefit from is astounding. Not only will you greatly reduce the energy costs of retaining a moderated living temperature in your conservatory, but you will also have more occasions for spending time in your conservatory and fall in love with it again.


If your supplier of a tiled conservatory roof advises that they plaster the inside and tile the outside of your existing roof, be certain to ask the following important questions:

The answer to all of these questions will be either no or they don’t know. Consumer Beware!

Insist on the best, insist on SupaLite roofing which is a tried and tested replacement roof and most importantly It will be supplied with test data and carries full JHAI building regulations approval.


It has perhaps never occurred to you that conservatories are a lightweight structure and that if they have not been manufactured properly, they are capable of colapse under certain conditions. Probably the worst of these conditions are the extra loadings incurred during heavy snowfall.
This is the reason why your SupaLite roof manufacturer and installers have gone to the lengths of designing and testing a product that can withstand anything and everything that our British weather will throw at it.

We should also point out to you that your SupaLite roof will be no heavier than a typical glass roof. So what is the problem you may ask?

The problem is that when you install a solid roof onto your conservatory, the snow will not melt as quickly as it would on a Polycarbonate or Glass roof. It will only melt with a change in ambient temperature or with direct sunlight. Therefore it is vital that your roof is designed and tested so that it can withstand extreme loadings.

The practise of cladding lightweight alumininium conservatory roof systems is a dangerous practise and will cause long term problems, and with No Building Regulations Certificate the homeowner will be faced with legal issues when they come to sell their home.

If your lightweight conservatory roof is over stressed with the additional weight of tiles and plasterboards it will want to invert and collapse as the photos of collapsed conservatories demonstrates.

There are many methods of re-roofing an existing conservatory on the market – the easiest and often cheapest way is simply to wrap a new roof over and under the existing roofing system. However, this method is the most likely to overstress the existing roof and windows.
If the roof is an existing polycarbonate roof, there is also potential to introduce a condensation problem that will inevitably occur if plasterboard is applied to the underside of the existing roof with little or no insulation above it.

“The SupaLite roof is a designed for purpose, tried and tested factory built roof”

Ask to see the differences in the materials of the two structures. It will be no surprise to you that the SupaLite roof structure is evidently fit for purpose unlike the lighter weight polycarbonate structures.


  1. SupaLite roofs will retain warmth in the winter months of November to March 
  2. SupaLite roofs will keep your conservatory incredibly cool on sunny days even in direct sunlight 
  3. SupaLite roofs are virtually burglar proof and the roofing tiles cannot be easily removed 
  4. SupaLite roofs will eliminate any leaks experienced with lightweight polycarbonate roofs 
  5. SupaLite roofs will eliminate noise from rain, wind and wildlife (birds) 
  6. SupaLite roofs will eliminate almost all glare experienced with polycarbonate or glass roofs 
  7. SupaLite roofs will eliminate any need to climb ladders for cleaning dirty roofs 
  8. SupaLite roofs provides you with a safe & cosy space capable of being used 365 days per year 
  9. SupaLite roofs are designed and tested to the standards demanded by independent structural engineers and Extralight tiles have been weather tested by the British Research Establishment 
  10. SupaLite roofs will allow you to FALL IN L♥VE with your tired old conservatory again! 


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