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Patio Doors

All EuroSeal Patio Doors Are Now A+ Rated As Standard

Nothing outperforms EuroSeal’s NEW 2016 Slider24..

No other sliding patio comes close…

Three times more effective in bad weather than other leading brands. Unique design ensures robust long-life weather performance. It is also the most secure sliding patio door on the market with a future-proof PAS24 compliant certificate and top of the range Yale locking hardware.

Stainless steel track

For smooth sliding and long life

Low threshold option

Please ask your designer about the new Part M compliant Low Threshold that is now available.

Multi-chamber sash & outer frame

Better strength, energy efficiency and weather performance

Sloping drainage sump

Sloping drainage sump – stops pooling and build up of water

Class A4 – 600Pa Air Permeability

Class E8A – 400Pa Water Tightness

Class A3 – 1200Pa Wind Resistance

A+ Energy Rated Door Set

PAS24 Security

70mm Deep Frame

No need to cut away plaster line

Colour matched aluminium& PVC interlock options

PVC stops ‘cold bridging’ and improves energy efficiency

What Our Customers Say


What our customers say…