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Most popular frames are Rosewood, Light Oak, Grey and White. You may choose any other colour at a supplement. Specially sculptured frame mouldings, both internally and externally, mean that EuroSeal Windows stand out.

A+ Sealed Units Fitted As Standard.

In 2004 Window Energy Ratings (WER) were introduced by the British Fenestration Council (BFRC) in order to simplify the measure of energy efficiency for windows. All Euroseal windows have a minimum rating of at least 10 or better giving a (BFRC) rating of A+.

All our standard glass units are 28mm deep, made up of an inside pane of 4mm Planitherm Total+ magnetron coated Low Emissivity glass, an argon filled cavity of 20mm and a 4mm outer payne of ‘Low Iron Glass’ giving maximum solar gain so that the energy produced by the sun transfers into your home and is then retained by the Planitherm Total Plus glass surface on the inside.

Plus glass units are now sealed with Warm Edge Technology.

The transmission of heat is easily measured and quantified in what is called ‘U-Value’ the lower the U-Value the lower the rate of heat transfer, and the better the insulator.

EuroSealTM units give a ‘U-Value’ of 1.0, whereas for example Pilkington K glass units only give a value of 1.7. Some of the designs which can be added to the glass unit include:

• Diamond and square lead

• Queen Anne or Stuart lead

• Border lead

• Integral Georgian bar

• Stained glass

• Real Georgian bar

We can also try to replicate an existing design or alternatively you can create your own individual design. You can also upgrade to self-cleaning glass or for greater sound reduction you could have our new acoustic reducing triple glazed sealed units.

70mm energy efficient frame A 70mm frame ensures maximum strength and better sound reduction. The frame also ensures that no ‘paint line’ will be visible after the wooden frames have been replaced.
A+ Rated Planitherm Total+ glass units These A+ Rated, Low Iron, Argon glass units are one of the most advanced double glazed units on the market and give a ‘U-Value” of 1.0.
01 White uPVC Our unique brilliant white profile stands out, compared to most other white uPVC frames which are slightly off white.
Discolouration guarantee for ten years The frame is not manufactured using recycled materials and the profile components are pure. This means the frames will not discolour.
Fully internally glazed with double scotia internal and external frame Glass units can only be removed from the inside. This makes the windows far more secure than externally glazed windows yet the scotia frame gives the appearance of traditional windows.
Yale™ Secure By Design 6 point anti-jem locking system Yale™ Twin mushroom cams at each locking point instead of the traditional
one which travel simultaneously into their double entry striker. Any attempt to force one cam open, forces its twin further into the striker. Which is secured to the frame using austenitic screws.
Full box section galvanised steel reinforced frame & sashes EuroSeal are one of only a few companies which fully reinforce all the profile. Not only does this mean the product is very strong, it
means all hinges, locks, handles etc. can be secured into steel and not just PVC profile.
Night ventilation Each opening window is fitted as standard with a night ventilation facility which allows the room to be ventilated whilst retaining the security of the 8 point lock.
Yale™ Ferritic stainless steel high security hinges Secure By Design Approved hinges are BS tested for anti-corrosion, weather tightness and strength. All side opening windows are fitted with fire escape compliant hinges along with a facility enabling easy cleaning
of the outside surface of the glass from inside the property.
Low level gaskets New design technology ensuring no unsightly black rubber next to the glass.
Fully fusion welded frame Many window frames are mechanically joined (screwed) together, which does not give the same strength or rigidity as a fusion
welded frame.
Unique thermoplastic weather seal All our seals are co-extruded and welded at point of manufacture which ensures they cannot shrink or come loose giving excellent
insulating properties and a long life span.
All wooden external cills replaced as standard

Strong box section cills of varying projections to suit property are fitted to replace any existing external wooden window cill.

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What our customers say…