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A+ Rated Glass

In 2004 Window Energy Ratings (WER) were introduced by the British Fenestration Council (BFRC) in order to simplify the measure of energy efficiency for windows. All Euroseal windows have a minimum rating of at least 10 or better giving a (BFRC) rating of A+. All our standard glass units are 28mm deep, made up of an inside pane of 4mm Planitherm Total+ magnetron coated Low Emissivity glass, an argon filled cavity of 20mm and a 4mm outer payne of ‘Low Iron Glass’ giving maximum solar gain so that the energy produced by the sun transfers into your home and is then retained by the Planitherm Total Plus glass surface on the inside.  Plus glass units are now sealed with Warm Edge Technology The transmission of heat is easily measured and quantified in what is called ‘U-Value’ the lower the U-Value the lower the rate of heat transfer, and the
better the insulator.

EuroSeal TM units give a ‘U-Value’ of 1.0, whereas for example Pilkington K glass units only give a value of 1.7. Some of the designs which can be added to the glass unit include:

• Diamond and square lead
• Queen Anne or Stuart lead
• Border lead
• Integral Georgian bar
• Stained glass
• Gold Georgian bar

We can also try to replicate an existing design or alternatively you can create your own individual design.

You can also upgrade to self-cleaning glass or for
greater sound reduction you could have our new acoustic reducing triple glazed sealed units.

What Our Customers Say


What our customers say…